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Bridging Animal Health and Production

Better production begins with better health.

We believe that excellent quality is a direct result of excellent animal health and welfare. We provide our customers with tools to deliver exceptional animal welfare, a safer workplace, and operational excellence. Our extensive yet easy-to-use software platform empowers all stakeholders in the animal agriculture industry to manage veterinary records, provide constant animal monitoring, and enhance veterinary performance through predictive analytics.

By automating labor intensive operations and limiting animal handling, we reduce animal stress while improving worker safety and efficiency. Furthermore, we believe that widespread adoption of innovative technology to improve animal welfare requires the availability of affordable and easy-to-use solutions. Built from the ground up by agriculture industry veterans, our software builds on experience and intimate knowledge of the industry.

Products and Services

Built from the ground-up by industry veterans.

Each operation is unique, and our platform is custom-tailored as a modular and extensible asset for any stakeholder.

Core Values

  • Offer affordable and powerful yet easy-to-use solutions to empower data-driven decisions.
  • Enable real-time audits of immutable databases using blockchain technology to ensure animal welfare and a safe food supply.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement opportunities that enhance our customers' products and services by improving the welfare and health of their animals.
  • We act in the best for every stakeholder in animal agriculture, from farm to table.
  • Our company believes in innovation, ethical business practice and earning its relationships along with long lasting goodwill.

About Simple Ag

We provide a software platform to ensure animal welfare and regulatory compliance in agriculture. Our team is comprised of veterinarians and software professionals who are passionate about the way we care for animals.