Team & Values

Healthy Animals, Better Production

Central to a productive, sustainable operation is animal health. We know that keeping animals happy and healthy is central to the role of the producer, and we seek to empower all stakeholders to grow the healthiest products on the market.

Producers First

In the myriad of new inventions and agtech products, it can be hard to tell which services are actually on your side. We don't sell data to third parties, and all of our products are tailored to the front-line of animal agriculture.

Simplicity and Accessibility

You produce the highest quality animal protein in the world; you don't want to spend time working with cumbersome software. We are committed to making easy-to-use, intuitive, and time saving software that allows you to focus on your passion: the animals.

Our Team

Will Payne, PhD, MBA

Cofounder, CTO

Bert Payne, DVM, MAM, Dipl. ACPV


Baden Bennett


Regulatory compliance shouldn't be complex

Keep it simple with us.