Target Weight Toolkit

The food industry has specific, measurable needs, but poultry doesn't always grow on that schedule. This can result in real business losses: at best, excess production and over consumption of feed; at worst, the inability to supply demand, resulting in upset customers and damaged reputations. Target Weight Toolkit provides you more accurate bird weights and growth predictions so you can meet the specifications and demands of your customers.


Today’s food producers know the value of utilizing every available tool to meet business expectations. Target Weight Toolkit enhances business capabilities that allow you to schedule and allocate resources more accurately.


Predictive Analytics

Several factors come into play when considering broiler growth. You are already collecting data that is used in evaluating these factors - by combining this data with advanced analytics, TWTk can give you a more accurate picture of growth.


Easy Data Collection

Collect data by connecting with various devices or through live input by employees during the course of their daily work routine. Data validation techniques promote greater accuracy to provide maximum business insights.


Seamless Integrations

Already have your data collection workflow in place? Even better. Lets discuss how to leverage that to save you time and increase effectiveness.


TWTK Mobile

An easier way to get data, with online and offline data captures at the tap of a button.

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